Nothing beat a rest on mommy’s tail after long tiring day - Imgur

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A friend in need is a friend indeed - Imgur

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How giraffes sleep - Imgur

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(via Baby bat in a Batman sock used to protect his injured wing - Imgur)

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I guess this is my life now - Imgur

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(via Majestic, noble steed enjoying a roll in the dirt after being ridden. - Imgur)

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(via Snakes got a mouse. - Imgur)

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(via Hamsters are a gateway pet. - Imgur)

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(via An island full of bunnies! The babies were the only ones I wanted to play with. - Imgur)

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(via My uncle is one of the few people in Canada to privately own cheetahs. He tried to give one some Easter spirit. She doesn’t look impressed. - Imgur)

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